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“Julie McCarthy is like a volcano exploding with ideas.”

Gyula Csapó

Performance Highlights:


At highSCORE Festival, Julie McCarthy Presented on her first composition in college titled “Blizzard.”

"You've nailed exactly what I'm looking for. I love the grittiness mixed with those sharp synths and how the song switches up to something very blissful, it blends so seamlessly."

-- Nick Gatsby


Julie McCarthy is an accomplished and energetic composer and singer-songwriter devoted to the creation of music. Her musical background ranges from performing and composing a variety of genres in music such as: pop, contemporary, new age, jazz, rock to world music.


McCarthy decided to create her own path to find her own music. She explains that her music is like a “multitude of masks.” Each one is a different side of who she is as a person. From beautiful ballads to intensive and dark tension, she represents all of who she is through music.


She hears resolutions that are always changing each time through the same ears. She carefully selects the music based on a collection of notes that give a comfortable balance of consonance and dissonance. The contour, (or the shape of the music) is what matters most to her. Occasionally, she hears rhythmic durations of instruments and incorporates world music from African and Chinese influences.


Seeking a more formalized education in music, Julie McCarthy attended high school at Denver School of the Arts, where she studied guitar in master classes with noteworthy artists such as: Martha Masters, Pat Martino, and Bjorn Thoroddsen. In McCarthy’s first year of undergraduate Composition studies at the University of Denver, she was accepted into highSCORE festival located in Pavia, Italy. At the highSCORE festival she attended masterclasses with acclaimed composers such as: Helmut Lachenmann, Amy Beth Kirsten, Christopher Theofanidis, Dmitri Tymoczko, and Gyula Csapó. 


McCarthy is currently getting a Masters of Music in Scoring for Film, TV, and Videogames at Berklee College of Music 2019 with composers such as: Lucio Godoy, Alfonz Conde, Sergio Lacima, and Vincente Ortiz Gimeno.



Julie McCarthy strongly believes that she is always being inspired with ideas across any form of art whether that would mean music, film, or even written words. Julie’s purpose as a composer is to expand her love of music to inspire others if that would include teaching, creating, composing, or writing lyrics for any mixed media.


Curriculum Vitae


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