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Traveling Abroad to Spain

As an recent graduate at the University of Denver, I have had the honor and privilege to study abroad at Berklee College of Music at the Valencia, Spain campus. I was accepted as a Masters in Music for Scoring For Film TV and Videogames major (or SFTV for short).

During my time here, I have been exposed as well as taught by industry professionals both in the European film industry as well as the US industry. The program itself was extraordinarily diverse, my program of thirty-one students featured about twenty-one countries total. The final project (Culmination Experience or C.E.) would be recording with a live orchestra in Air Studios London while also doing many other recording sessions both live and remote featuring musicians from Spain and the Budapest Art Orchestra.

The courses are deeply immersive and further my study into the importance of not just composition, but the technology and programming behind it. The courses included: Recording, Editing, and Mixing for Film, Advanced Videogame Scoring Techniques, Conducting for Recording Sessions, Narrative Analysis, Dramatic Orchestration, and Tech in Media.

Although my adventure hasn’t yet ended at Berklee until my graduation in July, I have learned a great deal about what kinds of sounds and programming create a great mockup, networking within the Berklee community, and last but not least, where I am and where I can grow from here.

Will be published in SAI Tempo

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