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Berklee Global Career Summit

At the Berklee Career Summit, I learned a great deal of what it takes to be in the industry, where I am career-wise, and what I can become after graduating at Berklee. As a master’s degree student in the SFTV (Scoring for Film TV and Videogames) program, I particularly found the insights of the keynote speakers, mentors, and workshops to be particularly helpful in providing advice to my career.

To be in the entertainment industry, I learned from the “Secret Recipe To a Career Seminar” from Nis, that I need to take into account my strengths and really master them in the industry so that I can become “that person” that people come to when they want a certain skillset. From Nitin, I learned that I need to be visible and have a particularly definitive online presence in the industry. From Israel, I learned that I need to collaborate and network and maintain those relationships so that those connections not only become contacts but also friends. With those connections being strengthened over-time will help to get more jobs.

After the summit, my situation as a full-time student without a job does not appear as hopeless. Since I networked with before I left my state in Colorado I already have a few contacts and groups on Facebook that I use to network with other directors in the film industry. However, making the move out of Colorado to the LA scene might be more difficult. Recently, I networked with a Composer of commercials in Denver whom is considering adding me and other like-minded composers in the Colorado area to this LLC. Talking to the composer about this, I think the direction that I will be going as a full-time student probably will be back to Colorado at the moment. There I will be able to hopefully pay my loans while also staying at home and working a job there. But if I can somehow manage to get a job in LA where I can have my costs of living taken care of, I might consider moving there but considering the industry that would be highly unlikely.

I guess the next steps if I really want to move to LA is to secure an internship or a high paying job in LA if possible. Currently, I am already applying to jobs and internships.

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