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Palomar Film Scoring Workshop Day 3

Yesterday, I had a marvelous opportunity to meet with George S. Clinton. (The composer from Assassin's Creed and the head of the Berklee Film Scoring Department.) His lecture was fantastic. The first thing he asked us to do was to identify sounds and instruments within the film score and then put a title to a scene. It was very inspirational as he told us the various stories about the scores he filmed. One that spoke to me was when he wrote for the film: "Bury my heart at Wounded Knee." He explained how he found a Lakota player and the first thing he did was unroll a blanket of flutes and found one which was "spiritually" calling to the piece.

After we scattered to our rooms, I added more sounds to the scene I choose which was: "Once Upon A Time." I chose a marvelous chase scene when an unknown thief stole a man's belongings and as the horse chase continues, he catches them only to realize its a woman. The woman hits him with a rock and takes his purse and continues to run away.

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