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Palomar Film Scoring Workshop Day 2

For my second day, we have a very set schedule about the day where we have a presentation at 9am and then followed by an discussion. I found it very informative! We discussed a bit about the industry for the first presentation by Larry Groupe. We also talked about trying to find and convey the right emotion for one scene. I found it very interesting and unusual. For the second presentation, we critically found these things called "hit points" or areas or cues where music can start or end. It was also very particular about which emotion is the best emotion for the film.

Roger discussed a little bit of his process and showed the same scene but with three different "cues" cues are small segments of music which elaborate a scene. For this process we saw the same scene three times but with different cues which all are valid emotions to convey but changed how we thought of the movie as a whole.

Finally for the last presentation from Bruce, we basically talked about how to orchestrate briefly. We also talked about the final session. I learned that it is possible to conduct and compose for yourself in the final session. I was pretty excited! In addition, I received a free flash drive with films and references and templates.

Based on this session, we learned about how to begin our cues for our own films. On the flashdrive, we also get to choose one film to score for in a short period of time after lunch (4 hours!) We have a very short period of time to write music for a presentation of these films at 5:00pm. It was certainly very intensive to crank out something in a short amount of time. During this time, Rodger and Larry came around to all the rooms to give different suggestions to the films as they were being processed.

In the presentations today, I finished a long cue for a scene from "Once Upon A Time." It was certainly very fun and action filled as I scored for a horse race.

My Roommate!

The view at the Lazy H Ranch.

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