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Julie McCarthy Releases Her First Album

This album I created when I was in middle school. Some of the stories are true. Some of them are not. I guess that would be up to the listener to decide officially.


released October 14, 2015 Thank you so much to all of my friends, supporters, and those who don't know me very well and choose to support the music scene. Your support is always what keeps me going through each and everyday. I want to sincerely thank the performers who worked hard to forgo my compositions no matter the difficulties and express my ideas in the best way that they can be expressed. Without you, I probably won't have survived as a composer by myself. Nor would my music be heard by the public. You are all everything that I need and your input is so important to me as the writer. Thank you so much to my family, even though not actually musical I was supported and encouraged by you all to do music. Without you I would have not have had all of the opportunities that I had. Even when I was concerned about the costs of festivals and applying to contests, it was you who told me that I could when I didn't think it was possible. And now I have traveled to Italy to pursue my own dreams, and hopefully many more destinations to come! I would like to thank Kelly Harbolt for helping me achieve my first song on this album. Realizing my talent in songwriting has encouraged me to pursue so many other pathways in music for the present and beyond. I would also like to thank my other music teacher Chaz Strickland for teaching me the importance in music theory and applying the same concepts to many instruments. Realizing my talent in improvising with piano has helped to convey my "true self" and since that moment I realized that music was playing through myself. I would like to thank all the composers from highSCORE festival. I have found myself eternally inspired to create music regardless of genre, I feel that now I have the freedom and the confidence to one day be as a great composer as all of you were to me.

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